Hi Catherine! Your choice of selection was superb today! Everybody loves it! Everything was delicious and your company was shared to everyone. I really appreciate your gesture!

- Evelyn Devonshine -

hi cat! thk u so much! the selection was superb as always ūüėä

- Sally Lim -

Hi Catherine, Thank you, the food was absolutely delicious. The guests feedbacks were all about the good food. Thank you once again for making my wedding so special!!

- Susanna Faith -

Pls inform delivery team. Can come to collect now. I am going off. Thanks for everything. Feedback food is good.

- MPC Louisa -

Afternoon Catherine. I'm already at temple street awaiting for your staff to clear the catering equipment. Thanks. Awesome and excellent good service.

- Herman -

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WEDDINGS (Min. 200 pax)

Just select any of our Buffet or Hi Tea menus for your weddings, and the following services are complimentary:

  • Complete buffet layout with floral arrangements
  • Separate stations for Desserts (Not applicable for Hi Tea)
  • Separate Beverage station
  • Waiver of Transport Charge (For Buffet only)
  • Use of premium disposable wares with transparent plastic cutleries or biodegradable cornwares (Depending on menu selected)


A fee of $150.00 ($160.50 w/GST) applies if the following services are needed:

  • VIP table with skirtings and floral arrangement
  • Solemnization table with skirtings and floral arrangement
  • Guest Reception table with skirtings
  • Service Staff

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